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About the ZOOFA cooperative

The Zoofa store, which opened in 2013, is today one of the most popular stores with designer clothes and fashion accessories in Ljubljana.


In it, Slovenian designers from the fields of fashion and applied arts come together. Every visit there is a unique experience. Zoofa is environmentally and human-friendly,

as it is not based on mass production.


All clothes and fashion accessories are made as uniques or in small batches in local workshops with local expertise, design vision and love for creation, taking into account the principles of sustainable and ecological design. Zoofa's sales concept brings the manufacturer and the user of the garment closer together again.

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A unique design experience

The specialty of the Zoofa store is that the designers themselves sell products and give advice to customers, which is why customers receive a unique user experience: they get to know the designers personally, and their creations are thus more tailored to the customers' wishes.


Zoofa   also hosts external designers who, with their aesthetics, further enrich the range of creations. Zoofa is a place for conversations, collaborations, style solutions and interesting events, where designers constantly write unique stories with their products. 

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Miklošičeva cesta 4,

1000 Ljubljana


Telefon: 059 97 89 83


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Pon - Pet

10.00 – 19.00


9.00 – 15.00

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